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Welcome Time Runners!

This game will use the same Cypher System found in games like Numenera and The Strange.

Character types, for now, can come from the pages of both systems: Jack, Spinner, Paradox, Glaive, Vector, and Nano. Though, I think a new set would be nice. Forge, Timer, Quantum.

Time Travel

Also known as Rendering, Time Runners learn to exist both within and without time, taking huge leaps through the continuum to solve problems of rifts in time, or taking smaller micro jumps to redo the little things.

Temporal Rifts

Tears in the fabric of time are constantly threatening timelines. Rifts form from paradox loops, temporal phenomena in the chronosphere, temporal cyphers or artifacts, experimental research gone wrong, beings and creatures called tickers, and many more causes known and unknown.

The First Rift

Time Travel was invented at the end of time, will be invented, has always been around. The exact moment someone was able to travel through time in all directions, it changed everything for all time, fractured reality, and created the largest paradox there will ever be. It continues to this day, and it is eternal in some limited way not understood. It is both a vast chaotic storm and an empty nothingness that could never have existed, locked and free. Temporal mechanics break down when nearing it. It is a driving force that stabilizes timelines and crushes them out of existence. Attracting its attention is often fatal.


Main Page

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